Who’s never, not fucking once, witnessed a cat call? Not even on a college campus or in college bars. Feminists act like this happens everywhere and constantly and its a fucking holocaust against women and…

ive been cat called more times than i can even COUNT but i acknowledge it’s because men have hormones juST LIKE I AND EVERY OTHER FEMALE DOES and that THEY ARE ALLOWED TO FIND ME ATTRACTIVE and that NO IT’S NOT MISOGYNY and if you think it is some kind of patriarchal shit then you’re so fucking stupid you may need to see a therapist

dbsk blogs i follow reblogging pro-female supremacy bullshit like. for shame. you worship a group of korean men yet reblog shit that degrades men. gtfo.

— Anonymous: I'm so tired of feminists mistaking social attitudes to rights. Do they actually believe unequal rights and oppression means the same thing as not wanting to be called "sweetie"???



— Anonymous: What is your opinion on "stare rape" or the idea that a man doing something like catcalling/staring/using a pickup like is raping a woman?


It’s total nonsense. 

Dictionary: any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Staring at someone, catcalling, whistling at someone, using a pickup line is not forced sexual intercourse. It’s like claiming that you’ve been killed because someone stared at you with murderous intent. 

Feminists excel at promoting some of the most moronic concepts on the planet. 


Who needs historical accuracy when you have feelings?

— Anonymous: When I stopped seeing men as only potential threats, and saw them as thinking beings with dreams and fears and loves, I felt a deep sense of grief for the malice I inflicted. Feminism gives us exactly what we want, and enables us to scream for more. How can men ever trust us again? All they wanted was our love, and look how we rewarded the righteous men? Divorce for monetary gain, infidelity, media demonisation, and atrocities beyond mention.